1. HELP!!!

Question: I am having a problem with something on Veteran.com and I can't find the answer in FAQ. What should I do?
Answer: Add a comment at the bottom of the FAQ or send an email to support@veteran.com. Please be as detailed as possible, and we will respond as quickly as we can.


Question: I put my information in the "Tags" section of MyPage. Why don't I seem to have anything in common with anyone else on Veteran.com?
Answer: The key to finding other veterans via the "Tags" and "Career" fields is for each term to be short, specific, and to separate different terms with commas. For example: Veteran #1, who puts "Infantry" in his Tags, will match everyone who has "Infantry" in their Tags; however, Veteran #2, who puts in "Infantry PSG in Korea" will only match that exact term. He will not match "Infantry" "PSG" or "Korea". Meanwhile, Veteran #1 could find Veteran #2 because they both have the word "Infantry" in their Tags. We also recommend you spell out terms like "Fort" or "Camp", and do not use periods in terms like "USS Enterprise", or abbreviations like "fld. atry.".


Question: How do I update the information in my profile?
Answer: To update or correct any information in your profile:
a. Go to your profile page.
b. On your profile page, you will see three tabs: "View" - "Edit" - "Track"
c. Click on the "Edit" tab.
d. Under the "Edit" tab, you will see two blue links: "Account Settings" and "Personal Info".
e. To change your user name, password, email address, and photo, click on "Account Settings".
f. To change your first or last name, location, service, status, career field, tags, about, or words of wisdom, click on "Personal Info".
g. Once you are finished making your changes, click on the "Submit" button on the bottom of the page, and the changes should be updated on your profile.


Question: How do I change the format/appearance of my stories, forums, or comments?
Answer: Tips on changing the format with HTML are located at http://www.veteran.com/filter/tips .


Question: Can I post a picture on Veteran.com?
Answer #1: Yes. You can post a picture by going to Images, and uploading a picture to Veteran.com.
Answer #2: Yes. You can post a picture in the Forums.

Question: I have uploaded a picture, but I can't see it. What should I do?
Answer: Edit your picture to make sure you put the picture in a gallery. If the gallery is selected as "None", it won't be posted in the "Images" galleries.


Question: What types of videos can I play?
Answer: Veteran.com currently supports these file types:

.mov, .wmv, .rm, .flv, .swf, .dir, .dcr

Queston: Can I post a video from YouTube.com on Veteran.com?
Answer: Yes. You can post a video from YouTube.com on Veteran.com. To do this, select the YouTube.com video you want to post, and enter the video ID into the "Video File" field. If the URL YouTube.com gives you for the video is "http://www.youtube.com/watch.php?v=XM4QYXPf-s8" you would enter "XM4QYXPf-s8".

Queston: Can I post a video from Google.com on Veteran.com?
Answer: Yes. You can post a video from Google.com on Veteran.com. To do this, select the Google.com video you want to post, and find the URL for the video. In this URL you will find an attribute like src="http://video.google.com/googleplayer.swf?docId=-1591729516923874694" . You will need the -1591729516923874694 like number just after docId= . Then use "google:-1591729516923874694" as the "Video File" field. CAUTION: Make sure the video is hosted on Google. If the video is hosted on YouTube.com and shown on Google, you must submit the video from YouTube.com.

Question: Can I post videos from other places than YouTube.com and Google.com?
Answer: Yes. Veteran.com currently supports playing videos from a variety of sources. To play these file types you need to enter in the path to the file. You can enter the URL to the video like "http://www.example.com/videos/my-video.mov". Just make sure the last characters in the URL are video types supported by Veteran.com: .mov, .wmv, .rm, .flv, .swf, .dir, .dcr

Question: Does the format of the Video's Name matter?
Answer: YES! The video cannot have capital letters or spaces in the name i.e. "The Fishbait.WMV". If you upload a Video with capitals or spaces in it, it will not work.

Question: I don't know the size of the video I'm want to submit, or I am getting an error message because of the size. What should I do?
Answer: If you don't know the size of the video, or get any error messages related to size, just put a zero in the size block. Then the video application should self-detect the size of the video.


I'm trying to reach AFC Patrick Snyder '72-'76
Mtn. Home AFB

I'm looking for anyone who served at RTAF Udorn 66 - 67. Trying to appeal for Agent Orange disability and need to know if anyone has succeeded. Trying to gather all the evidence I can. Thanks.

I was at Saigon Ubon and Udorn in 66-67 I just showed my discharge with the Vietnamese service medal and no problem

My ex husband is deceased now, but, it upsets me to when he talked about the military, he always told people that he was in Vietnam. He never left the states and he was in a motorcycle accident on emergency leave for his grandfather's funeral. He got out right after bootcamp. We were married when he got discharged in may of 1968...now after many yrs later, I am in patriot guard and I was attending a military mission and when I looked down where I was standing....my ex headstone has vietnam on it. He never was there and I take that seriously, especially since he got out for being hurt during boot camp.
Is that protocol....all my friends complained about it too, they were pretty upset.

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