164th Infantry in WWII -- Guadalcanal & beyond

Information available! The 164th Infantry Association of the United States is active, publishes a newsmagazine three times a year, and holds an annual reunion.

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My name is Chris Schwehr, and I'm the youngest son of Harvey J. Schwehr who was originally from Oriska, ND and a member of Company G, 164th Infantry during Guadalcanal, Bougainville, and unknown service after that. He never much talked about his time there except for a few favorite "war stories". He died in May, 1982 and is survived by four children, three grandchildren and at last count five great grandchildren. Our mother, Marcia passed on in October, 2000.
If there is someone out there who knew or served with our father, we would wish to talk or get some information about him. We didn't know much about his service, and I've just recently learned about the rich history of the 164th, and it's role in the war. I gained a lot of newfound respect for Dad because of this, and wish to honor his service appropriately. Thank you.

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