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A6A Intruder VMA(AW)533 NightHawks

VMA 533, Capt Ron Forrester, MIA 11-72

Does anyone know, or know where I can get the Bu. No. of Capt Forrester's aircraft he was flying when he went MIA. The plane was named Tiny 06. I would like to know where the name would have been placed on the aircraft and the "Tail No". I have complete a replica for Jana, Ron's widow, and would like to get this info to add to the replica.

Bill Hanes
bythewoods1 [at] yahoo [dot] com

Two Marine Corps jets went down on 12-27-1972 in Vietnam

According to published Navy Records, there were only two Marine Corps jets that went down on 12-27-1972, and both were A-6's. The BUNO of a Marine A-6 that went down in Vietnam on 12-27-1972 with 2 casualties is 155666. The other Marine A-6 that went down in Vietnam on 12-27-1972 only has one reported loss/injury, the BUNO for that aircraft is 156989.

My source for this info is on the Navy Aviation website at on page 5 of the pdf.

Also, I found several sources that said the plane name was Tiny 05, not Tiny 06, but none of the sources were official.

Here's a couple of sources for Tiny 05 - and

Good luck, and thank you for what you're doing for that Captain Forrester's family.

A6 Intruder

LOVE that plane semper fi to all OLD VMA-533 marines

A6A Intruder

Don Counts
I was ops chief in 533 during 1967-68.

Semper fi

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