A6A Intruder VMA(AW)533 NightHawks


LOVE that plane semper fi to all OLD VMA-533 marines

Don Counts
I was ops chief in 533 during 1967-68.

Semper fi

Don Counts

Does anyone know, or know where I can get the Bu. No. of Capt Forrester's aircraft he was flying when he went MIA. The plane was named Tiny 06. I would like to know where the name would have been placed on the aircraft and the "Tail No". I have complete a replica for Jana, Ron's widow, and would like to get this info to add to the replica.

Bill Hanes

According to published Navy Records, there were only two Marine Corps jets that went down on 12-27-1972, and both were A-6's. The BUNO of a Marine A-6 that went down in Vietnam on 12-27-1972 with 2 casualties is 155666. The other Marine A-6 that went down in Vietnam on 12-27-1972 only has one reported loss/injury, the BUNO for that aircraft is 156989.

My source for this info is on the Navy Aviation website at http://www.history.navy.mil/a-record/vietnam/ac-loss/mc-date.pdf on page 5 of the pdf.

Also, I found several sources that said the plane name was Tiny 05, not Tiny 06, but none of the sources were official.

Here's a couple of sources for Tiny 05 - http://www.faraway-soclose.org/forrester.html and http://www.pownetwork.org/bios/f/f081.htm

Good luck, and thank you for what you're doing for that Captain Forrester's family.

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