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Agent Orange and herbicides used at Korat AFB Thailand

Would like to hear from any veteran who was stationed at Korat AFB Thailand from May 1967 to June 1968, specifically working as a flight line mechanic and test cell technician. Need to know of any health problems any veterans now have that may have been caused by Agent Orange or herbicides used to defoliate fence perimeter around area where jet engines were tested. Trying to obtain proof of the use of the herbicides used in that area and the health problems of those who worked in this area. Reply to email address: lfichter [at] cox [dot] net

flight from oakland to Bankok

Did flights stop in Hawaii, wake Island , Saigon then Bankok

I was TDY to Korat in 1972

I was TDY to Korat in 1972 arriving in Aug. I was a nav aids repairman on the KC-135s parked at the far end of the flightline. I had quad by-pass, 16 stints and had 36 holes drilled through my heart in a procedure called TMLR (Transmyocardial Laser Revascularization). I lost a testical to testicular cancer in 1994. My cardiologist retired me at age 53 and I have recently applied for VA disability/unemployability.

disability claim

Need more info on claiming disability for prostrate cancer claim as result of exposure to herbicide use at Korat RTAB 70-71 & 73.

prostate cancer

I was stationed at Camp Friendship Jan-Dec 67 also have prostate cancer and looking for any photos and info on the area. I was assigned to the 379th Signal Bn as a supply clerk

VA Link

Here is a link to the VA site that shows where the herbicides were used.


I got there Sept 73 and left Jan 75. I have made contact with several of the guys I was friends with while I was there. 2 of us had testicular cancer within 2 years of coming home. One lost his hearing and one has sever liver problems. Of all the guys I have found we all have had issues.

The one with hearing loss was lucky because on his exit physical they noticed some hearing loss so when he filed a claim it was a non-issue. He received 100%. He was a crew chief on the 105's and the other one with the cancer was on the 105's too. I was a crew chief on the F-4E.

Not sure if this helps but there is a link on the VA site that show all the illness that recognize as being related to service in Thailand.

Agent Orange at Korat

I specifically remember defoliate being used near the gate area that I passed through every day for almost 2 years. I also remember over spray blowing on us as we waited for transport downtown. Was at Korat from 1972 till August 1974. There were areas around the on base hooch-es where nothing would grow. Made many trips to Ubon to visit with buddies that were stationed there and they talked about the spraying that was done on the perimeter as way to keep SPs a little safer. I have nerve damage in both feet and legs also have a general loss of feeling in all extremities.

Agent Orange

Hi Larry. I also was stationed at Korat AFB from 67 to 68. I am a disabled Vet and I am trying to get additonal beneifits for being around Agent Orange. I was a Crew Chief on the Flight Line there. I have had 4 heart bipasses, 2 heart attacks, Type II Diabetes, neuopathy along with very bad knee pain, sleep apnea, high blood pressure, total hearing loss in one ear and 40% loss in other ear. I had surgery while at Korat to remove a gamuglobin growth on my wrist. VA says I am disabled 20%. This is after waiting over a year to hear from them. They pay me $234. monthly.
Do you think it would do any good for me to appeal? Thanks so much. Lowell Kroeker linlow68 [at] yahoo [dot] com

Agent Orange

Hi Lowell. I just joined and saw your post. I hope you have already appealed. I was also stationed at Korat AFB from 67-68. I am a disabled Vet & I just went through a re-evaluation and they upped mine from 10% to 70%. It took over 1 yr for the process but it did work. I also have Type II diabetes with neuropathy, but my increased eval was on PTSD. I was in the 442nd Sig Bn(LL) and they completely discounted my diabetes because I was not an MP. I am now trying to prove exposure to Agent Orange. Because of the security clearance we required, the MP's did not patrol our area, we did it ourselves. I was approved for PTSD in part because of the stress of being on guard duty, but I wasn't approved for the diabetes because I wasn't an MP. Doesn't make sense but that is the VA for you. I find it interesting that quite a few guys have had testicular cancer, as have I, but that is not a recognized diagnosis for herbicide exposure. I would love for anyone that may have old orders that stated the 442nd had to pull their own guard duty to get in touch with me. It would be appreciated.

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