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I just received this from an old Air America buddy, if you think this effects you, check it out.

VA Compensation & Pension Service Bulletin May 2010

After reviewing documents related to herbicide use in Vietnam and Thailand, C&P Service has determined that there was significant use of herbicides on the fenced in perimeters of military bases in Thailand intended to eliminate vegetation and ground cover for base security purposes. Evidence of this can be found in a declassified Vietnam era Department of Defense (DoD) document titled Project CHECO Southeast Asia Report: Base Defense in Thailand. Therefore, when herbicide related claims from Veterans with Thailand service are received, RO personnel should now evaluate the treatment and personnel records to determine whether the Veteran’s service activities involved duty on or near the perimeter of the military base where the Veteran was stationed.

DoD has provided information that commercial herbicides, rather than tactical herbicides, were used within the confines of Thailand bases to control weeds. These commercial herbicides have been, and continue to be, used on all military bases worldwide. They do not fall under the VA regulations governing exposure to tactical herbicides such as Agent Orange. However, there is some evidence that the herbicides used on the Thailand base perimeters may have been either tactical, procured from Vietnam, or a commercial variant of much greater strength and with characteristics of tactical herbicides. Therefore, C&P Service has determined that a special consideration of herbicide exposure on a facts found or direct basis should be extended to those Veterans whose duties placed them on or near the perimeters of Thailand military bases. This allows for presumptive service connection of the diseases associated with herbicide exposure.

The majority of troops in Thailand during the Vietnam era were stationed at the Royal Thai Air Force Bases of U-Tapao, Ubon, Nakhon Phanom, Udorn, Takhli, Korat, and Don Muang. If a US Air Force Veteran served on one of these air bases as a security policeman, security patrol dog handler, member of a security police squadron, or otherwise served near the air base perimeter, as shown by MOS (military occupational specialty), performance evaluations, or other credible evidence, then herbicide exposure should be acknowledged on a facts found or direct basis. However, this applies only during the Vietnam era, from February 28, 1961 to May 7, 1975.

Along with air bases, there were some small Army installations established in Thailand during this period, which may also have used perimeter herbicides in the same manner as the air bases. Therefore, if a US Army Veteran claims a disability based on herbicide exposure and the Veteran was a member of a military police (MP) unit or was assigned an MP MOS and states that his duty placed him at or near the base perimeter, then herbicide exposure on a facts found or direct basis should be acknowledged for this Veteran. The difference in approach for US Army Veterans is based on the fact that some MPs had criminal investigation duties rather than base security duties. Therefore, the Veteran’s lay statement is required to establish security duty on the base perimeter. This also applies to US Army personnel who served on air bases in Thailand. During the early years of the war in Vietnam, before Air Force security units were fully established on air bases in Thailand, US Army personnel may have provided perimeter security. In such cases, if the Veteran provides a lay statement that he was involved with perimeter security duty and there is additional credible evidence supporting this statement, then herbicide exposure on a facts found or direct basis can be acknowledged for this Veteran.
Evaluation and adjudication of the cases described above can now be conducted by RO personnel without input from the C&P Service Agent Orange Mailbox.

These instructions replace those provided in the August 2009 C&P service Bulletin. In summary, no herbicide related claim from a Thailand Veteran should be sent to the C&P Service Agent Orange Mailbox. If evidence shows that the Veteran performed duties along the military base perimeter, ROs should acknowledge herbicide exposure on a facts found or direct basis. If the available evidence does not show service along the base perimeter and does not otherwise indicate exposure to tactical herbicides, place the memorandum for the record from M21-1MR IV.ii.2.C.10.q in the claims file and send a request for information to JSRRC.

Declassified Documents

Go to This link will show the bases where agent orange was used. Also, remember that if you can speak with the men you were stationed with, especially officers that had knowledge of agent orange being sprayed, you can use that as evidence, which the va cannot discount. Also, you may want to check out a book I wrote (hope its cool to post this here) that may give you ideas for helping your claim.

Utapao agen orange

In 1967 I was at Utapao and our radio site was a remote hill top off base with the radio equipment and a generator. We usually had a couple of radio repairmen and a meshanic to take care of the generator. How do I find out if agent orange was used at this remote site to keep the vegetation down? I was with the 1985 Comm Sq.

Those who worked on perimeter security...

Those who worked on perimeter security...

Thailand-Ubon RTAFB

I did work on the base perimeter security systems both for the base and the other facilities that were associated with it. I now have major health issues, including heart problems, and cancer. I'm looking towards disability and wonder if anyone has been that route and can offer advice?


My name is Peter, and I'm never going to grow up.

UTapao 67-68 Help

I am looking for info about the location of the 4258th AGE "shop" on the bomber side in the earliest days of that operation. I twisted wrenches in that open air site from the time the bomber side of the base opened through June 68.

I'm needing this info to help me establish a VA claim. If anyone has photos that might include our AGE gear, refueling tank truck, etc., I would appreciate hearing from you. Even if you don't have photos, I'd like to hear your description and recollections of it. I posted a photo in the Aviation section of the Images section of this website.

jhigh [at] comcast [dot] net is my email address.

Thanks for you help.

John L. High

-tapao 67- 68

I was there same time working in A&E supply point. I have a claim for heart disease been waiting since last August. Have you had any luck with your claim?

John L. High UTapao 67-68

DLH Hi John, my husband was there 1972-1973. We are also in the process of a VA claim. So we do understand what you are going thru. It is frustrating, but don't give up. Anyway, if you go on google maps and type UTapao, Thailand 1967, you can pull up an aerial map. Then you can zoom in on it to see more detail. Best of Luck to you....

I am helping a friend whose

I am helping a friend whose father was at NKP in 1969....his MOS was Wireman and TelophoneiInstaller Repairman..he was going back and forth between VietNam and NKP but we can't establish said because of his high security clearance. VA is denying based on this and also is no precedent that Wireman duties were perimeter although vet says he did all his work on perimeter at night reinstalling cut lines. Can you suggest anything that might help?

Takhli Thailand Feb 67-Feb 68 John E. Odom

Hi everyone!

I am looking for someone who may have served with my Daddy..John E. Odom He worked in the FMS and A&E at Takhli from 67-68... He had Parkinson's, prostate cancer and heart disease.

If I could find a Veteran who may have known him then, I may be able to prove herbicide exposure. He went to Vietnam too but after two years of hard work and researching his files from ST. Louis archives , I can't prove his boots on ground..

The claim was denied..

Thank you all for reading my post..

Susie, proud daughter of a Veteran

Korat and Camp Friendship 1973

I was stationed at Korat RTAB in 1973 with the 354th TFW Composite, comprised of units from Myrtle Beach AFB, SC, England AFB, LA and Davis-Monthan AFB, NM. The unit was armed with A-7 D Corsairs for SAR missions looking for downed pilots. So far, the VA has refused my claim for presumptive service in Thailand because there is no AFSC code to support my work of precense along the perimeter. In addition, most of our troops were billeted on Camp Friendship fenceline. I also was used as an augmentee for guard and perimeter patrol duty and my place of duty was on the fenceline at Korat near the airfield.

I have been diagnosed with diabetes II, iscemic heart disease, coronay artery disease , hypertension by civilian doctors and VA AO Registry doctors. I recently underwent an cardiac ablasion to stop Atrial Fibrulation (Afib). These disease were documented in a summary letter from the examining VA doctor who conducted the labs tests and questionaire. The VA RO said I needed additional evidence, which I documented and sent evidence from my civilian doctors. I guess I need more evidence but need additional information fro other vets who were there.

I am looking for evidence of our units presence being billeted at Camp Frienship, photos, other people who would provide buddy letters, maps, etc.

Any guidance or assistance that you could provide would be helpful.
Rick Helton
SMSgt, USAF Retired


My name is Gordon Lewis. I was on a 180 day TDY to Korat from Jan73 to Jun73 from DMAFB,AZ in support of the A7-Ds from Myrtle Beach AFB. Myself and others were billeted on Camp Friendship along the south fenceline. Was this the south perimeter? I thought I remember it had one of those guard towers but not sure. I am a Aircraft Mechanic AFSC 431X1C. Trying to remember things back then is very hard. I also have diabetes type 2, hypertension,and asthma. I am trying to gather evidence for my claim also just started.I was looking at a map of Korat RTAFB on the perimeter & the drift zones and it did cover areas that I worked in ie. EOR & Trim Pad. Please If I can be of any help to you. contact me at: chief4070 [at] gmail [dot] com

Your Claim

Please see for augmentees, for specifics on Korat.

The claim is not presumptive, it is a direct exposure case, in which you should show exposure.

Some other related documents may be found here:

AO in Thailand

Last month I submitted a comment and a photo of Detachment B, 7th Radio Research Field Station taken in 1971 at T-11 (Chieng Mai). My comment was lost when I attached the picture. Vets would be advised to look at that picture as it represents what a lot of us saw but didn't understand when we were over there. Vegetation grew at a phenomenal rate and for there to be a bare expanse like this anywhere-be it at Det. B, Udorn, or Long Tieng (Lima Site 20 Alternate) indicates a lot of herbicide. VA and the military say it was non-tactical as in Roundup. I know differently. There were 55 gallon barrels of Orange and Blue lying right beside the Air Operations Center at Long Tieng and a PC-6C AirAm Porter outfitted with tanks that flew out of L-08 Wattey (Vientiane). They refueled and reloaded the herbicides there (Long Tieng) frequently. I have pictures on approach to Alternate showing the extent of herbicide usage around the runway and aprons. I personally witnessed young (8-10 year olds)Hmong kids who guarded the perimeter using bleach bottle scoops w/ AO and AB (undiluted) to abate the foliage. At Udorn, my barracks (the new "barns" in May 70) were less than 60 feet from the perimeter. The laterite roadway was the only thing in between us and the fence. Nothing grew there-ever. The Thai lunch vendors who sold through the fence to our hootch girls cooked and ate right in the middle of it. I spent 30 days in Saigon before I was sent up country. That's hardly any exposure to AO there. Nevertheless I have Porphyria Cutanea Tarda and was coughing up blood when I came back in 72 after two years in Laos and Thailand. Don't let the VA isolate compensation to just the Air Policemen and Army MPs who were on the perimeter. Most of us were assigned to Augmentation duty for a month when we got to Udorn because they didn't have enough to guard the perimeter. I can't speak for other bases. Nevertheless at Udorn you didn't have to work the perimeter. It was right there adjacent to your barracks. Any of you who file for AO disease would do well to get buddy letters on this. In the Udorn case, you don't need to know the person who writes it. It's sufficient to say that anyone who can document they were stationed there PCS for a year is capable of testifying about the proximity of the barracks to the perimeter and thus the obvious lack of foliage in that area.
Check this out if you have questions about it-- Look at the pictures in the background-nothing but dead grass. Look at the approach to NKP and it was a wasteland of bare fields for a good reason. I have more recent pictures of NKP and they all show lots of green. We all know that the military was in the habit of stocking one type of most things. VA is asking us to believe they used a non-tactical herbicide in Thailand and AO magically fell to the ground before it crossed the Mekong from Savannakhet,Laos?
For those of you thinking about filing a VA claim, I suggest you read this book-- It will help a lot of you when file for anything-not just AO claims.

Herbicides in Thailand

I am the originator of the FOIAs and the first claim approved that admitted herbicide use. If you have questions about claims, or have been denied for any disease on the AO list, contact me here.

deceased husband

I am the surviving spouse of Jon Hirsch who served @ U-Tapao from 12/70 -2/71. He passed from 2 of the AO cancers CLL & Non Hodgkins Lymphoma in 93. I am having trouble trying to connect it to his service & have had my claim denied.
Do you have any suggestions?
Hope you are doing well.



DLH....Hi Nancy, so very sorry about your husband. Did you have a VSO (veteran service officer) helping you? Find someone like DAV that is willing to help. Right now, for Thailand vets the VA is saying they had to be with the security police duties to qualify. Don't let that discourage you. But get all the med records you can from in service, and after. Go to and get a lot of info. Hope this helps some..good luck with your claim...

Takhli Flightline duty

How can I prove the association of daily flightline duty(1969-70) to the base perimeter for herbicide exposure? Received an IHD denial from the VA dated 2/2012, stating that" objective evidence fails to show confirmed exposure to AO. At this time, VA regulations do not allow concession of exposure to AO for MOS 42153 Aerospace Ground Equipment Repairman in Thailand, and your personnel records do not show security police or dog handler." What MOS' qualify for concession of exposure?? And how do I find out? All my detailed mailings apparently have gone unreviewed thru the years at the VA regional office.
I filed the claim for Herbicide Exposure not AO. VA has had several inquiries to JSRRC & keeps delaying & reverting to claim development stage for several years now. Words are inadequate to thank you for all your research on Thailand herbicide spraying & presenting the evidence of the secret Checo Report, etc., to help all the veterans who suffer from the effects of the herbicide spraying.

AO in Thailand

With all of the herbicides applied in Thailand, has anyone seen where someone that did the applications came forward and told of the locations sprayed? Someone had to have done the applications. Have they all died off. Am I the only one that thinks this is odd?

Herbicide applications U-Tapao

I was at U-Tapao OCT 1973 to August 1974 I don't know about the perimeter. However the end of Oct/ Nov 1973 I witnessed them spray the flight line. There was a SSGT steward that was with me at the time would like to find him. I have Parkinson's, and more. I have been fighting the VA for over two years. Anything I can do to help you do not hesitate, willing to help. J. Michael My E-mail is jml15555 [at] yahoo [dot] com

Korat and Camp Friendship, Thailand 1973

Please assist with info contained in my recent post with same subject line. Thanks Rick

AO Thailand claim

I am at the point of sheer aggravation dealing with the VA, and requesting your advice. Nov. 2010 first VA claim was filed after going downhill medically & urging by family after the May 2010 C&P bulletin. They separated IHD claim from other claims & issued denial date of 2/14/2012. Reason for denial..evidence shows service during Vietnam era @ Takhli RTAFB, diagnosis of CAD, but objective evidence fails to show confirmed exposure to AO. At this time, VA regs do not allow concession of exposure to AO for (MOS 42153) Aerospace Ground Equipment Repairman Thailand, and personnel records do not show SP or dog handler. I worked on the flightline,servicing planes & aircraft equipment on/or near perimeter, 12-16 hrs a day from 7/69-7/70. I did file for Herbicide Exposure & have not heard a word about the other claims...about 400+ days now sitting in the St Pete RO. Please advise with your thoughts & opinions if I qualify or not for exposure.

AGE shop takhli

Hello bostonpatriot,
I was at Takhli july 69-july 70 and i worked in the age shop night shift. i worked mainly on bomb lifts. I am 50%service connected. 40% on hearing and 10% tinnitus. I applied for Agent Orange exposure for Ishemic Heart disease and DM 2. it was denied in feb 2012. I appealed apr 2010 and I still am waiting.
you mentioned in your post that afsc 42153 did not show exposure to AO. how do you know this?
Please get in touch with me at and lets see if we may have been working together.
jerry white

AO Claim

Appeal and seek a lawyer. Use map of Takhli from many to choose. One may be at my site.

agent orange 2012

The only way to win VA benefits if you were station in Thailand , is you MUST have worked on or near the pereimter of the base you were stationed at. Your MOS Has to show you worked near the base pereimter. DO NOT USE agent orange as a reason for disabity, ONLY the word, Herbicides is acceptable. Using agent orange and you will be turned down. See the " CHECO Report " on the interent , as a a way to win your case ,if you never step foot in Vietnam.

Your Comment

While difficult, I know and have personally helped individuals from AGS, MMS, Army Corp of Engineers, and others to successfully file claims. Your initial statement is only partially true.

For ALL:

The claim is not presumptive, it is a claim for direct exposure outside of Vietnam.
Since you do not know what herbicide may have been used, Udorn's comment is correct.
There is much evidence and pictures floating around the internet, it's your claim, OWN it.

If you fail, appeal and seek an attorney who works on VA Disability Comp claims.

Do not give up, seek buddy statements, etc. and consider whether you flew through Vietnam.

Agent Orange

See my reply to bob 72




David I was also stationed in camp same san 68-69,I also have Type 2 Diabetes plus other problems, was you awarded a compensation

Agent orange

I was also stationed at Camp Same San from Apr 68 to Apr 69 with 2nd platoon, B Company 538th engr bn. I have type 2 diabetes and also heart disease. I remember the herbicide spraying in and around the Camp while I was stationed there. Can you supply witness statement reference agent orange spraying and I will do the same.

Same San and Agent Orange

Did you ever find proof> My husband was there at the same time and has same disease. Did you ever get buddy letters? Please help


1966-67 udorn thailand

from sept 1966 thru sept 1967 i was stationed in thailand at udorn rtafb. i really liked the assignment, although little did i know that if would have a life changing effect on me. i was constantly exposed to insecticide and herbicides while i was stationed there. i worked on the base perimeter at the tuoc command post comm. center, and also my hooch was located on the base perimeter. a few years later at the age of 38 i was diagnosed with ischemic heart disease, after undergoing a heart attack and open heart surgery. i readily accepted that and went back to work for ten years until i had a stroke in 1995, my neurologist and my cardiologist would not release me to return to work. so all this has really had an adverse effect on my life. I was seeing the the doctors at the va hopital and in 1999 i was diagnosed with diabetes type 11. after all of this i filed a claim against the v a for type 11 diabetes, i was told that as a thailand veteran that this claim was rejected, that i had to have boots on the ground in viet nam. i have refiled my claim in june 2011 and have filled out all paper work and sent in buddy statements to verify my statement. here it is december 26 2011 and i haven't heard from them yet. my dav officer says to wait and see. He told me he doesn't know of anyone who has been compensated for thailand exposure. i don't know what to expect. i really think that the va is waiting to see how many thailand veterans were exposed and waiting to see how many of us will die off before the v a accepts the responsibility. if any one that was at udorn in 1966-67 and needs a buddy statement please contact me and i will send you one. short_r [at] comcast [dot] net may god bless every soldier and every veteran that has served this great country. thank you for your service.

68-69 Udotn Thailand

I served at Udorn- 68-69 and lived in a barracks within 40 ft of the perimiter. The area during my stay there
was sprayes several times with a herbicide that cleaned the ditch area out completely of any vegitation. I have tried to get a buddy letter from someone that was there and observed this. When I turned 50 I was diagnosed with diabetes type 2. There has been no other member in my family that has ever had diabetes and given that fact, my doctor wrote a letter to the VA stating that given these circumstances, herbicide exposure would be the only cause of my problems. I have a hearing comming up July 17, 2014. At my initial hearing, the hearing officer said that if I could PROVE that the barracks were where I said they were, they would consider that. Apparently they have no record of where the buildings were.

ANYTHING you would be able to send would be greatiy appreciated.
Thanks, and Thank you for your sercice

Buddy Letter needed

You commented that you would send a buddy letter if needed.
I would like one as it might help in my prostate cancer claim.

Gregg Amundson
gregg.amundson [at] comcast [dot] net

809th, Co.B and Co. C on NKP Air Base

proof that we on the perimeter and exposed to Agent Organge.
Larry Gwinn lgwinn [at] sbcglobal [dot] net

809th Engineer HQ company

I am reading your post and trying to see if this relates to my husband. He was in the 809th Engineer HQ from 1967-1969 and worked on the construction of the Friendship Highway. He now has Parkinsons Disease. You state "proof that we on the permieter and exposed to Agent Orange." What proof do you refer to? We have photos of orange containers at his camp with a tanker truck backed up to them and someone loading something on to that truck. What I read is that agent orange was transported in orange 55 gallon drums. Did the army use an herbicide to defoliate the area when building the Friendship Highway and if so was it agent orange?
Thank you.

Agent Orange

My step father was stationed in Udorn, he worked on the planes for the USAF. He had his neck implode, which was resolved with surgery at the time and then was released from duty. He saw a doctor twice for this, and both times the paperwork states that he had Afib, and it also stated no where on the paper where they did anything to check the heart at all, this happened twice. That being said, when my father went to the VA about his neck, he was sent a paper about the agent orange, and only then did he know anything about it or even thought about it. He has come down with in the last 2-3 years, Diabeties, Peripheral neuropathy, Parkinsons, his blood cell count is crazy, but when he went to see someone about this they didnt give a direct answer as to why its going crazy. I know that agent orange has also been known to cause lukemia, so he will be getting checked for that as well. he has seizures off and on, has had 5 major heart attacks, one stroke that I know of.. and many other problems.( 16 years ago,my mother gave birth to twins, one being born with defects, a damaged chromosome in the DNA. children born AFTER servering in udorn.)Something smells fishy there as well. These all starting before he got the paper from the VA, he has been turned down twice for any help or anything at all. He was also told that he could not he was told that unless he can prove that he stepped on foot in vietnam his claim would be denied, because Udorn was not in fact sprayed or anywhere in thailand for that matter (which we all know is a false) I've been digging up information as much as I can with my mother to at least get some reliefe, but anyone at all who knows anything that could possibly help it would be very much appreciated.

my email is Alseia85 [at] gmail [dot] com

On a further note, knowing what I do at this time, just the small bits and pieces it angers me that people can know how bad this stuff was, and what it can cause, and they let it go. I'm not sure how any decent person can sleep at night looking at the people who served their country coming in, and trying to get well deserved help and turning them away. 800 thousand people affected by agent orange, over seas. barrels of it being dug up at the airport, innocent people hurt.. nothing being done, it makes me sick, it makes me sad, and by god it makes me fight tooth and nail, untill something is done.


My husband, who passed away June 1992, was stationed in Udorn with the Army from 71-73. He worked on the radio tower. In 1989 he was found to have cancer of the sinuses, and later all over his bones. In the end the cancer was all over his spine, and 2 weeks before he passed away, he was paralyzed. I have just found out about the Agent Orange in Thailand, sent for paperwork, and will file a claim this week. I always felt his cancer was a result of his service in the military, since that particular type of cancer is rare in the States, and found mostly in Asia. Anyone else know anything about this? traudel [at] bellsouth [dot] net

Go to the VA Udorn is on the New Thailand List for Herbicides

Please follow up for your step-father. Herbicides were used in Thailand. I won't go into the whole story, but after finally admitting their use, the VA is allowing claims, one just recently from Udorn.


I am helping my father to file a claim for disability but need help. He Served in Thailand (Korat and U-Tapao) 1967. He was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease in 1998, and it is very advanced now. Mr. Smith, your comments intrigue me, and I feel compelled to ask you and anyone on this list for help with my father.
We met with one VBSO 2 days ago, but did not file any paperwork yet.
Daddy is retired AF, was EOD for 26 years, and although he was in the fields of Thailand cleaning up exploded bomb dumps and reclaiming duds, he needs to show direct exposure to OA? Was the bomb dump in U-Tapao along the perimeter?
How do we do this?
My father is 77 year old with a severe illness that is depriving him and his family of so much. I am receptive to an advice. Thank you to all, and God Bless!

Parkinsons/herbicide use in Thailand

My husband too served in Thailand USARTHAI 809th Eng HQ building the Friendship Highway north from Camp Friendship. Camp Friendship adjoins Korat I believe. He also has Parkinson's Disease. We have photos of him working just outside the chain link perimeter fence, we have photos of all these 55 gallon orange drums with a tanker backed up to them loading some kind of gaseous substance, and we have a photo of an orange barrel with the white stripe which I believe refers to agent white. His base camp would move periodically as the road went further and further up into the jungle. They didn't build roads through the jungle without defoliating them some how. We also have photos of them building bridges and in waterways. You might look through any photos he has for information. Hope all goes well with your request for disability. I personally know 3 guys who were stationed in Thailand during the Viet Nam era and ALL 3 OF THEM have Parkinson's Disease.


I was stationed at U-Tapao from Dec. 1969 -Dec 1970 and was assigned to the Munitions Maintenance Squadron AGE shop which was beyond the bomb dump next to the perimeter fence. I dont know what the VA definition of near the perimeter is but the bomb dump was pretty close. If any one knows could you let me know.Also if any one that was in MMS at U-Tapao in the late 60-early 70 and has any agent orange related health problems could you let me know @ joe.woods2 [at] yahoo [dot] com


I too was mms at U-Tapao later. And I would like to know since this has already cost me part of my lung and they are still denying me, any help would be great

Camp Samae San

I filed for Agent orange screening about two months ago. I just received a letter from VA telling me that I do not qualify. I was stationed at Samae San for a year.

Camp Samae san

Hello, I was in the 538 A Company from 69-70 stationed in Thialand. I also took supplies from Camp Samae San to Utapao and Viama(spelling?) on a daily basis. I am in the process of filing AO claim with the VA, and I am just looking for more information on filing this claim...I do know there was a type of stink/fog in the air EVERYWHERE we went around there. I would just like to know what it was---I have had some medical issues that are linked to agent orange. Please feel free to contact me with any pertinent information which I can find useful.

Same S?an and Viyama

My husband was there at the same time and has illnesses, also. Did you ever find proof of agent orange?

Please help, Thank you,


Agent Orange

I am trying to get a physical and VA card due to skin problems since I was in Thailand any ideas of the how and where to check?

v a card

take a copy of your dd214 to the nearest va medical center and tell them you need to see a doctor, they will send you to sick call and then you will be able to tell them your problem. then you will be able to get your v a card. shorty

VA Hospital

If your income is too high they will not let you into the system.

skin problems

I have had skin rashs from 1970 till today but I have not files a claim. You must get your medical records from the govt. and all your civilian records.
Larry Gwinn at lgwinn [at] sbcglobal [dot] net

Agent Orange Compensation

I served at U-Tapao RTAB from Nov1967-Nov1968..I was an air traffic controller,and also augmented the security police ..My posts included the base parimeter,bomb dumps,POL stores,pilots' trailers,etc....
My prostate was removed last summer [Jul 2010] and I filed a claim for Agent Orange which was denied along with an appeal..I need help proving my exposure..Do any of you comrades know of any resource I may use to prove my claim? Please respond to my e-mail david007mcdowell [at] yahoo [dot] com...Thank you.

Agent Orange, prostate, Thailand, cancer

I was NCO in charge of Hold Baggage at Camp Vayama. My building was on the NW perimeter of the base. I delivered the baggage to the building on the perimeter of U-Tapao AFB
every day. I have had prostate issues since returning in 1969.

I was diagnosed with kidney cancer in August, 2012. Surgery in September and filed for disability. A/O or herbicides in both places as there was not a speck of
vegetation anywhere near the hold baggage building or the U-Tapao building.

Barry Crist

wbarrycrist [at] gmail [dot] com

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