Agent Orange in Thailand

I am trying to locate anyone that worked as a Jet Engine Mechanic at Udorn RTAFB . I need photos of the test cell and trim pad. I was there from 1971-1972. I have discovered that Agent Orange was used around the perimeter during this time frame. I need to establish the proximaty of the perimeter to these facilities.

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I represent a Vietnam era veteran who was stationed in Thailand. He has many of the symptoms of agent orange exposure, but since he was in Thailand his benefits were denied. I'm looking for anyone with knowledge of Agent Orange use around NKP.
Thank you,
Paul Epstein

What symptoms is he having? I have some also including Ischemic Heart Disease. I've submitted a claim and am gathering data. I may be able to help, but I'm just starting.

Need anything helpful about AO exposure at NKP 69 70

To my knowledge, the VA is still denying claims for veterans who served on bases in Thailand. I have been diagnosed with Type II Diabetes, IHD (with bypass surgery), and prostate issues. My claim along with what I consider to be evidence in support of my claim in in the appeal status. I worked as an Env Sys Tech(Udorn RTAFB-70 thru 71)... it kept me on the trim pad and/or on the perimenter. I also performed foot patrol on the perimeter as a Security Police Augmentee. I have been waiting for an answer from VA for almost four(4) years. Time is winding down on VN Era vets. If anything new develops for us, please post it or send it directly. Right now... we have our hands tied by the VA's refusal to recognize all of us who served so diligently.

Good luck.

If you can find anyone who served with you, please contact them. You can find info on Udorn on many websites. You need to really search, and it takes time to look at all the websites. Get some help, and if you were a Security Police agumentee, there should be a record of that in your files. You can order a copy of your file from the St. Louis VA archives. Find any photos you may have, and take a close look at all of them. Digitize your negs, and enlarge the photos and take a close look at all of them for Agent Orange use.

I obtained a copy of my file from St Louis and there was no records of my security augmentee duty. Other sites report that you had to be TDY to augmentee for more than 89 days before they would create a record of your augmentee duty. Morning reports were not kept for 1970. The site has a rooster of augmentees and i am on that list and this is probably the strongest evidence i have for my direct exposure at the perimeter. I dont know how my name got on that list and the VSPA administrator/historian searched his paper files but could not find my name ...still a mystery as to how i got on that list.

I have the same problem with no records of my 30 day augmentee duty in 1971.

I also was and augmentee on security patrol but can't find any records or proof. I served from 1967 -1968.any info would be helpful

I also was in Thailand 538th Engr Bn at Camp Samae San, Satthip, and 7th Maintain Bn in KORAT and after Almost 10 years of fooling around with VA I am going to use a lawyer. Something you might want to check out is the CHECO Report. It is a Declassified document that DAV turned me onto, Has info on AO in Thailand. It seems that anything that pertains to service in Thailand, including PCS orders sending me there has disappeared from my 201 file, not to mention other important info. It seems that I have been reading about others in the same boat. Seems a little fishy to me????????

Have you filed a claim and been turned down?, by all means get a lawyer. It will cost you 20% of what you are awarded but 80% of something is better than 100% of nothing. The VA is now paying claims for Thailand Vets who were exposed to Agent Orange in the course of there daily duties, you do not have to have been a security person, just be able to prove by your duties that you were exposed. ie B-52 ground crew, Crew Chief, any one of the associated shops that supported the B-52, KC- 135 and others, fuel, parts delivery, air crews, bus drivers etc etc. Also you must have a diagnosed disease to receive the presumption. Good Luck


I am presently putting together my case for Korat RTAFB. I was there in 1975 as a Special Vehicle Mechanic working at the fire station on the flight line, but also spent time on the perimeter chasing broken down SP vehicles, at the POL on R9 Refuel trucks and even our maintenance shop was next to the fence.
II have been on line collecting what ever I can find as it sounds like you have. My wife was following up with Records Group in St. Louis just yesterday on the phone from my formal (in writing) request for my orders sending me to Korat. Someone promised her they would have them to me sometime next week. We will see on that one.....
I also found a friend that was stationed there for two tours one of which was while I was there. He will put down on the appropriate form that I was there with him and worked in the perimeter areas. Our NCO hootches were even along the perimeter fence! We were next to the SP hootches and there is an on line picture of theirs that I will include with my case.

Forgot to add what started this whole thing with me. I had prostate cancer, surgery, radiation and now follow on problems. Our local county VA representative suggested this action. I have already received some compensation for hearing loss from F4s, F111s and so on...

Udorn RTAFB, View record [ ID: 2705 ]
LAST-FIRST Simmons, Carl M.
Bases and Squadrons UD, 432nd SPS
Year(s) 1970-1971
K9 Name #
ID 2705
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Carl, I found your name on the augmentee list and pasted above. I hope this helps.

Hello. I read your comment on the site and I also worked in Env Sys as well and am having some of the same health issues. Bi-pass surgery x2 and waiting on a video hearing from the VA in Washington. If you hear anything before I do, please contact me. I will do the same for you.
Thanks, Rick


Have you had any luck proving agent orange/herbicides in Thailand? My husband was at several bases from 1968-1969

We were the first F-4E squadron to SEA from Eglin AFB. I have had many health problems and think it could be Agent Orange Related.

I also was there 72 and 73/74 have you had any luck?

I was stationed at Utapo air base from 1967 to 1968,working on the flight line as a food service cook,when ther was an alert
we were sent out on the base perimeter in the jungle for security with a flashlight and a whistle every other man had a radio we were 50 yards apart. If anyone was station there during that time please contact me as the VA is denying my claim for disability for my condition

I also was involved in the same alert. I must have been an "every other man" because I didn't have a radio. As I remember it was Sept 2, 1968. I am working with an attorney appealing a VA decision. What do you remember about the alert and being placed on the base perimeter? What is your email? Mine is

Patrick Jordan

I was stationed on U-tapaio 67/68, but left a few days before the alert. I was assigned to the A & E supply point. Which was on the flight line . My barracks was on the perimeter of the base over by the airmans club. This past week I received a 60% disability rating for Ischemic heart disease caused by agent orange. My medical records showed me going to sick call 3 times with chest pains and and going to sick call for dizziness. I hope this could help you with your claim. Let me know if I can help further

I was stationed in Utapao during 67/68 as well. My initial claim for two of the presumptive diseases has been denied because the VA claims that there was no proof that I worked on the perimeter. How did you convince them that you were exposed to a sprayed perimeter?

check out the Declassified checo report. Hope it helps

check out the Declassified checo report. Hope it helps

to answer your question, YES contact me by e mail

Msgt Mckinnon Ret, I also have problems with the VA proving exposure to AO at NKP Thailand 1969, Please forward any info you might, If I find anything at all helpful I will forward it to you

do you still need help?

I was stationed at NamPhong about 60 miles from Udorn a Marine installation in 72-73, the perimator was sprayed with a orange/rust colored spray from a c-130 about 100 yds from our hut, as we watched. I need to know if this was agent orange as I have several of the health problems. I'M pretty sure it was orange, even if they don't admit to it.

I was at Nam Phong 72-73 with Special Forces training Cambodians. Our camp was directly adjacent to the Marine Airbase. I do remember some spraying. I was recently diagnosed with Ischemic Heart Disease after a heart attack. I have submitted a claim to the VA, but currently they are only looking at MP – Security types. We had none of those. We were not a regular Army Installation.

Looking for information on agent orange in Thailand.

Look on Youtube and search for Bob Hope Christmas special 1972-73. You will see your base on that segment of that special. Copy that segment and use it on your VA claim. The place you can tell was cleared using Agent Orange. I do not know where the base was located at, but if the base was in the South of Thailand, the rainfall and jungle was real heavy there.

I was at Nam Phong 72-73 with Special Forces training Cambodians. Our camp was directly adjacent to the Marine Airbase. I do remember some spraying. I was recently diagnosed with Ischemic Heart Disease after a heart attack. I have submitted a claim to the VA, but currently they are only looking at MP – Security types. We had none of those. We were not a regular Army Installation.

Looking for information on agent orange in Thailand.

You can find video of Nam Phong on Youtube. Search for Bob Hope Christmas show 1972 and 1973. There you will see about a 10 second clip of the base, and other shots. Get a copy of the segment of that show to use for your VA claim.

I have been noticing alot of us veterans with Ischemic Heart Disease after being exposed to agent orange and the VA deniese our claims. Maybe were going about it all wrong. Maybe we need to all join together and get someone like keller and keller and fill a class action law suit against the government for benefits. At the very least we would let them know we are not going to take it any more. We served proudly now they can serve us proudly and hold up their end of the bargain. I was at Korat 72-73.

Per May 2010 VA memo. VA only well approve claims for Hericides NOT , agent orange. You have had to work on or near the base perimeter to be approved. Your MOS career field number is really important proving you worked near the perimeter. Any pictures of you near the perimeter will help along with buddy letters. Look up Kurt Priessmam msgt on interent for more info on winning a claim.

I was station in Thailand for five month in late 64 and early 65 December 64 to mid January 65 I was at Korat and then sent to Don Muang for four months, I have also had prostate cancer and the doctors tell me I have a heart mumer > I have tried to get my records of the time spend in Thailand and for some strange reason they can not be located..... Would any one have any suggestion as how I might locate these records ?

I was station in Korat Thailand in 63-65 I was in the 207th Signal Co.
We would set up Microwave site though out Thailand.
On going to Thailand we had to stop off in Vienam for 3 hours and I had boots on the ground but I can't find my traveling records as to how I got there.
I have a claim in for Agent Orange exposure, Diabetes Type 2, and heart Problems.
I was denied at first and then appeal and waiting notification.
We had to do guard duty around the RTAB airforce base.

I also have PCS ORDERS MISSING for movement to Thailand. Orders that had the names of several guys that were getting off in Vietnam, but for some strange reason they mysteriously disappeared from my 201 file. We also had to get off the plane for about three hours so they could fix the navigation equipment. I told VA the name of the airline and the color of the aircraft but they wanted flight logs and Braniff Airlines went under in 1982 And after tracking Braniff and several calls to Texas, found out that they no longer have logs for 69 and 70. Stuck between a rock and a hard place. Looks like they are hoping we will all die off before they have to compensate us. Check out the Declassified CHECO REPORT, it might have something you can use.

I kind of had the same problem. If you were moving around on tdy orders. They are not part of your permenant military records.......the trick is to have a VA Rep or get hold of the us national accounting and finance center. They are in Indianapolis in. They have pay stubs and history going back to the civil war......e Mail or contact them to get the forms.....go to a VA. Services. They will do it for you. Jim laflin

I may have this very problem can you please give me as much information on getting the information on TDY issues as possible. Any help would be much appreciated.. e-mail is

Test Cell/ Trim pads were near the perimeters. Their are pictures of these on the web ,look under the many Udorn web sites on the net. see VA CP bulletin 2010 page 3 for what VA requires for a claim in Thailand . Use herbicides as a claim ,, as Agent Orange was NOT used in Thailand per VA. They will turn you down ,if you can not prove you worked near the perimeters or you claim AO. Do your homework before you apply for benefits. Check the USAF CHECO Thailand Report, and other reports on the Web. Good luck

Fellow Thailand Vets.
You must show how close you job or living area was near the parimeter of the base. If you can find any photos of your base from 40 plus years ago. Please study them, have the negs converted to digital and submit a copy with your VA claim. Also the Marine base in Thailand can be found on Youtube if you look at the 1972 or 1973 Bob Hope Christmas show. The Hope Show shows Nam Phong for about 10 seconds at the most. You can tell from the video that Agent Orange was used to clear the land at Nam Phong, it was just one large mud pit.
Good luck to all of you.
Bruce Kent
Utapao '72-'73

Hi, I am a widow of a AF vet, he was at U-tapao May 69 to May 70. He passed away after 2 heart attacks at 51yr of age less than 10 yr. after retiring, need help in proving agent Orange was sprayed. I have a pic of him shirtless, standing on truck near bomb dumps which was near the perimeter. I need help in finding out what was sprayed. Lois

where can you find maps of your base ,like don muang AFB

I too was at UT many times First TDY was a ferry in from Davis-Monthan,Tucson,AZ(Steve)Swapping out The DC130 "A" model with an "E", 1971, in 72 I was there for 89 days in 73 for 6Mos. in 74 for 6Mos. in 75 for 89 days just before the fall of Saigon. I feel everyone living, working and playing was exposed to some type of agent and you didn't have to be in the SPS to have been around it. At the age of 56 I had a Heart attack, Triple Bypass One Stent in 2007, 2009 Two Stents, 2011 Angoplasty yes I filed a claim and as stands I've been stone walled for lack of evidence, but I'm working harder to get what I need Thanks to groups like this!! I just relized the hooch area close to the perimeter and Flightline On the 135 side, we also traveled the perimeter road up to the hill top chow hall, I was working on the flight line but was released just before the Zapper attack! Yes we all need to stand together and but the V.A. on notice

My husband who was stationed @ U-Tapao from 12/70 - 6/71. He passed away from 2 of the cancers on list CLL & Non Hodgkins Lymphoma.
Am trying to figure out what exactly is perimeter of base?
How do you know where someone lived while on base?
What were the general paths walked on through base ?

I do have a bunch of his papers. He was a communications officer (Captain) working out of #27 on U-Tapao map.
He has flight records for the B-52 & C125 w/ names & SS#'s

Any help would be appreciated


RASMy post to you seems to have disappeared. My husband was at Utapao in 1973. he was also stationed at Udorn from 1968-1969 and during the attack on the base. He was then again stationed at Udorn in 1971-1972. He worked in air craft maintenance on the flight line near the perimeter of the base. He had been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. Please feel free to contact us.


I too worked air craft maintenance 1973. If your husband worked on B_52s I may have known him. I was a fire control tech. (Tail Guns) Please feel free to contact.

Hi Nancy,

I to am researching information regarding the perimeter of U-Tapao. I have a friend that was there working as a aircraft mechanic on the flightline and other locations, so I am looking for information on how far the perimeter was from the flightline, as well as their barracks.

Any information you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Nancy!


My dad was there during this time
Period. I will ask him tommorow about it and see if he can help provide any information. He was a munitions specialist and helped load bombs on planes. He was probably in the area effected too. His buddy was in the army in Vietnam and had prostate cancer. So I worry about my dad as well.

I was stationed at Udorn RTAFB in 1968-1969 as a jet engine mechanic. I had an 8 man crew that worked flight line, trim pad at the remote edge of the base. In 2004 I was discovered to have a grapefruit sized tumor in my left kidney and it was removed. In 2012 I was discovered to have prostate cancer and was advised to put in an agent orange claim by the VA Dr. I also was sent to Laos to repair a downed aircraft and have no information about agent orange on that base. I received notice that my claim was denied as I have no way of showing exposure. Any help or advice would be very helpful. I am 50% disabled at the present time due to a spinal fusion in 1970 after my return from Thailand and hearing loss.


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