To Honor the veterans of all conflicts and branches - American Veterans Heritage Center - Dayton, Ohio

The American Veterans Heritage Center is now on Facebook - Just log in to your Facebook account and do a AVHC search to join our group and then you can keep up with all the events of AVHC. Or you can go to their web site at for more information.

The American Veterans Heritage Center, Inc. (AVHC), is a non-profit corporation with an exciting mission. We honor the accomplishments of veterans while preserving a priceless piece of national and local history-- the Soldiers Home located at the VA Medical Center in Dayton, Ohio. We invite you to take your place in history by helping us make this venture a success.

The scope of our activities include historic preservation projects, events, tours, and our annual festival, "The Patriot Freedom Festival".

Vision: Make our community's veterans historic district a national treasure and legacy to recognize and honor the service of all American veterans and to promote the healing of mind, body and soul.

Mission: The mission of the American Veterans Heritage Center is to increase awareness of veterans' issues, recognize veterans' contributions, endorse patriotism, promote tourism, and enhance the neighborhood by preserving and developing the Dayton Ohio Veterans Affairs Historic District.

*Taken from the AVHC WEB site.

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