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Introducing - where Marines can network, seek employment opportunities, socialize and more!

There exists an opportunity to bring Marines (active and non-active) together in a structured format to support each other in achieving individual or mutual goals. Many Marines miss the integrity, discipline and teamwork experienced while on active duty. Given Marine leadership skills and drive, many have become successful in business as leaders and owners. Marines have been forged and shaped by a unique and challenging crucible and hence share a strong bond. By bringing this dynamic group together and focusing its energy on supporting fellow Marines, we can create an effective and mutually rewarding networking group.
Marines doing business with Marines
Promote your business to a world-wide internet based membership.

Career opportunities for Marines
Employers can post job opportunities. Prospective employees can post their resumes. Mentor a Marine, by and for fellow Marines.

Connect with fellow Marines
Locate your lost buddies, meet monthly to exchange leads and other opportunities, organize Marine events such as a Day at the Range and more.

Join the National Marine Corps Business Network at Register now and find out how to get your first year free.

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