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My husband, Allan Kofoid, doesn't "do" computers, nor do we have internet service in our home due our phone service so I'm speaking on his behalf.
Does anyone have a problem "proving" he or she served within the country of Vietnam? If so how did you solve the problem? Allan has prostate cancer and is going through 3 years of hormone therapy after 42 radiation treatments. The Personnel Office states "there is no record of service in Vietnam" and is denying VA benefits. We have appealed and have requested military records, but his DD214 does not show any recognization of his Vietnam service. Anyone have any answers?

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I haven't crossed that bridge yet, but I've been told that if you submit a DD form 215 (used to modify the DD form 214) with copies of official documents such as decorations, performance reports, or medical documents that refer to deployment to Vietnam, the Service will update the DD form 214. These documents need to only refer to his service; for example: if he had a performance report that covered a portion of that time in Vietnam, and a line or two on the document refered to his service in Vietnam, that should work as evidence. Also, a decoration persented for service during the deployment would work.

If you don't have those documents on hand, you may be able to get a copy of them by requesting a copy from the closest military intallation's personnel office, or by following this link:

Best of luck!

I certainly appreciate your input. Allan's DD214 does not show anything specific for service in the country of Vietnam. It shows a NDM (National Defense Medal) but according to my information it is for service during the era of Vietnam, not specifically service in the country itself. He hasn't received his Air Force records as yet - hopefully something will show up there.
Again, thank you for responding.

Each individual county should have a Veterans Affairs office. You should be able to look in the phone book under the blue pages and find the Veterans Affairs office in his county. They are there to help.

Send for his 201 file. you can get it from a V.A. service rep.

Is a 201 different from the DD214 or the OMPF document? Since we are battling the V.A. would they cooperate do you think?

The 201 File is the name of the folder that holds all your military records, awards, orders, pay records, etc. The DD 214 is basically a summary of what is in your 201 file and is usually typed and issued when you out-process from the military. However, many DD 214's contain mistakes because they are typed in a hurry by one person who flips through your 201 file. If that one person doesn't care, is tired, overworked, drunk, or whatever, your DD 214 might have errors. The service member should check the DD 214 before accepting it, but a lot of people don't realize how important the DD214 is, and don't check it out. I've also heard of people who did find errors who were told by the personnel officer to accept it anyway and send in a correction of records after discharge.

To get a copy of the entire 201 file and other military records, contact the National Personnel Records Center. The Military Personnel Records (NPRC) is the Federal repository of millions of military personnel, health, and medical records of discharged and deceased veterans of all services. They are not a part of the VA, so there is not any conflict or cooperation issues.

You can also prove you were in Vietnam by getting verification from the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) that you received combat pay during your service in Vietnam. I have gotten verification of a different type of payment after I got out of the military from DFAS, but they should also be able to verify combat pay.

If you already have any records with any reference to Vietnam (orders, awards, manifests, pay records, etc) that should prove your service. Also, if you are still in contact with anyone who knew you in Vietnam, they can write an sworn statement and the VA should accept that. If you remember the name of any old buddies from Vietnam, there are multiple databases where you can search for them, and when you find them, they can also write a sworn statement. Old buddies might also have flight manifests and orders that have your name on them - The Army loved to write a one page set of orders, with a hundred names on it.

Thanks so much for all your information. We are in fact in touch with someone who was in Vietnam at the same time as Allan although they were rotated from Saigon to another base and didn't serve in the same place. And yes, he is willing to submit an affidavit.

The links you provided are also very helpful - I just need to get the time to use a computer to get to the information. And I am....thanks again so much for your help and kindness.

If you get the 201 file and /or medical records they may not have any information in them or it may have been purged from his records. I have the same problem with my service in Viet Nam.They told me it was for security reasons. Itold them BULL. Please see my page for more information or you can contact me at I was told that if I didn't keep my mouth shut I will have to serve the years that I got out early. I told them that I am 100% disabled (service Connected) and I am 63 years old, and I dare you to reactivate me. They hung up on me. I never gave up and you should never give up either. The Army has finally investigating my time in Viet Nam. I was only wounded three times Maybe it wasn't enough for them. Keep up the fight. I sent a certified letter to Secty Gates (after one being sent through regular mail) this prompt them to wake up and that I am not going to go away no matter what threats they may try. Most importand of all keep a copy of EVERYthing YOU DO. I am a service officer for the AMVETS so feel free to contact me. I will work hard to help you. You deserve it. God Bless you God Bless our troops and God Bless America.
Rev. Fr. Joseph F. Thornton

I am writing on behalf of my friend who served in the USAF. He was in Vietnam war but the information does not show up on his DD214. What should he do to get this item corrected?

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