TADSAW Train-A-Dog-Save-A-Warrior

My name is Jacqueline Tappy and I work for TADSAW, Train-A-Dog-Save-A-Warrior, a non-profit foundation. I train service dogs for warriors with PTSD, MST, and Traumatic Brain Injuries. The foundation does this for free at no cost to the warriors and also extends this service free to spouses and children. My goal is to raise awareness for the program. I am located in Colorado Springs.
TADSAW is based out of Texas, but has trainers in a few states now. We are able to provide a service dog for $2500.00 (our cost) where many other foundations cost is $25,000.00 per dog. This means we are able to train 10 dogs for every one dog some of the other foundations are able to train. We currently do not have a waiting list in Colorado Springs, and our application process is pretty simple, and not invasive like some of the other programs, we do not require videos documenting why someone has PTSD. Also the response time to see if an applicant is approved is a matter of days to a few weeks.
I honestly do not think our Program director has ever denied someone truly needing a service dog. The program directors name is Bart Sherwood and can be reached directly on his cell (210) 643-2901 or toll free (855)482-3729 or by email bart@tadsaw.org.

If you would like to learn more about the program the website is: www.tadsaw.org.

Facebook is: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Train-A-Dog-Save-A-Warrior/12733789736865....

I would appreciate any way you could tell our Veterans and current active duty about this program that is available to them. I am attaching a poster; I would really appreciate it if you could print it out and display it for people to see. Please feel free to give anyone who has questions my contact information, I would be happy to answer any questions they may have.
I will also be at some of the different festivals and pet expos in Colorado Springs and surrounding cities each month to try and raise awareness for the program, I have been lucky so far that people are willing to donate a free table at these events for me to raise awareness for this wonderful cause. I can accept donations at these events, but it is easiest to go to www.tadsaw.org if you wish to donate, or buy a T-Shirt or other merchandise, I am proud to be a part of this program and what it stands for.
Also if you know veterans or active duty members in other states and cities that could benefit from this program, please give them the director's info and he can find a trainer in their area to train a service dog for them.

Thank you,
Jacqueline Tappy

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You should Google a little about this program before you sing praise about them. Try Google for "TADSAW TRUTH" and "TADSAW FAIL"

After you google that ask question to Bart and watch how he turns into a angry man who blames everyone else for his problem. Thank you for you time.

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