Trichloroethylene Contamination on Military Bases

I would like your help in reaching other veterans who may have been exposed to contaminated bases; it was not just El Toro, CA or Camp Lejuene, NC but also other service bases.

A trichloroethylene (TCE) toxic plume was discovered in 1985 off of Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) El Toro, California. El Toro was placed on the EPA Superfund list in 1990, closed in July 1999, and most of the land sold at a public auction in 2005. MWSG-37 (EPA Site 24) was the source of the toxic plume spreading off the base. Multiple contaminants were found on base near landfills, including radionuclides (Uranium 235, Radium 226 and Radium 228).

also includes:

Please take a few minutes to read and sign the petition at Please include comments relating to your service at El Toro which may be helpful to the evaluation.

also includes: A legal review and evaluation of possible injuries and deaths related to exposure to TCE/PCE at former MCAS El Toro is underway by a Southern California law firm. Veterans, dependents, and civilian workers with injuries possibly related to exposure to TCE/PCE at former MCAS El Toro can contact Mr. Michael E. Gates, CARROLL, KELLY, TROTTER, FRANZEN & McKENNA, 111 W. Ocean Boulevard, 14th Floor, Long Beach, California 90802-4646, Telephone: (562) 432-5855. Facsimile: (562) 432-8785. megates@....


other very informative sites:

TCE Blog
Trichloroethylene is everywhere. It causes cancer and other serious health problems. People deserve better protection

Salem-News articles

in a nutshell, either contaminates can cause miscarriages, birth defects and illness in children, (even sprem can carry the contaminate to wife); affects the heart, brain, skin, autoimmune (such as Lupus, MS or MS type health problems, nerve damage, blood, bone, cancer of any major organs, and so on. I hope that this is helpful and also that you may help others by passing information along to others who may have been exposed.

other bases include:

1. Air Force Plant #4 (General Dynamics) — Fort Worth, Texas

2. Andersen Air Force Base — Yigo, Guam

3. Marine Corps Logistics Base Barstow — Barstow, Calif.

4. Cornhusker Army Ammunition Plant — Hall County, Neb.

5. Fairchild Air Force Base (4 waste areas) — Spokane, Wash.

6. Lake City Army Ammunition Plant — Independence, Mo.

7. March Air Force Base — Riverside, Calif.

8. Mather Air Force Base — Mather, Calif.

9. McChord Air Force Base — Tacoma, Wash.

10. McClellan Air Force Base — McClellan AFB, Calif.

11. Middletown Air Field — Middletown, Pa.

12. Naval Air Development Center — Warminster Township, Pa.

13. Naval Weapons Industrial Reserve Plant — Bedford, Mass. (scroll down for link)

14. Nebraska Ordnance Plant — Mead, Neb. (scroll down for link)

15. Norton Air Force Base — San Bernardino, Calif.

16. Old Roosevelt Field — Garden City, N.Y. (scroll down for link)

17. Otis Air National Guard Base/Camp Edward – Falmouth, Mass.

18. Picatinny Arsenal (U.S. Army) — Rockaway Township, N.J. (scroll down for link)

19. Pease Air Force Base — Portsmouth/ Newington, N.H.

20. Whiting Field Naval Air Station — Milton, Fla.

21. Wurtsmith Air Force Base — Oscoda, Mich. (scroll down for link)

22. New Brighton/ Arden Hills (Army) — New Brighton, Minn.

I would really appreicate it if you could pass information on to others that I have missed or do not know.

thank you,

Lynda Koleena Dokken USMC 1966-67

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