Veterans Assistance for our Independant Retirement Community in Salem, Oregon

Veterans Plus Program for Independant Retirement Living

Holiday Retirement would like to extend a warm and sincere THANK YOU to our veterans. If you know of someone who has applied for veteran’s benefits, you have likely heard that it is a long and complicated process. That is why I am pleased to introduce Veterans Plus, Holiday Retirement’s newest program to help both existing and potential residents obtain their well deserved
Veterans Administration (VA) benefits.

Our veterans deserve the Holiday Lifestyle, and through Veterans Plus, Holiday Retirement supports our veterans in giving back to those who have sacrificed so much for all of us.
With Veterans Plus, our current and potential resident veterans will obtain sound, clear legal advice and effective advocacy through Veterans Legal Assistance (VLA). Holiday Retirement has partnered with VLA, which is accredited with the Department of Veteran Affairs, to navigate the process.

Please contact John by email here on my page or by calling me at: 503-362-9141 for more details and to come by and share a free meal with us. You can also check out our site at:

Thank you,

PFC John Meyer

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