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9/11 Memorial

Veterans Debt Relief

I am a disabled US Army Veteran.

My MOS was 13F Airborne Forward Observer.

I feel very strongly about helping fellow Veterans and service members.

In these troubled we should use our experience to help each other out.

After all we share a common bond of brother hood that very few others do.

I work to help get my clients out of debt by setting up a workable plan to aggressively attack and conquer unsecured debt.

Please visit my website to see how I can help.


I think what you are doing is wonderful!! Do you have a card? I may be referring some of my clients to you!

Thank you,
Tara L Powers,
Real Estate Broker
Van Dorm Realty, Inc
Olympia/Fort Lewis, WA
Call/Text: 253.777.6010
Office: 360.489.2539

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