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What is the acceptable time frame for the C&P process?

What is the average time frame from beginning to decission on the C&P process?

"It is illogical to put a

"It is illogical to put a cap on VA funding when it is
impossible to put a cap on the number of those
wounded and injured in service to their country."

I have NO idea how long a C&P is "suppose" to take.
The VAMC Ive spent the last 10 years visiting to GET to the point of even having decent examinations hasnt happened.
Ive learned the VA/RO's dictate to the C&P examiners at what and to what extent to document the exam.
The Holes the adjuncters(?) use to crawl their way thru to sink a claim have been written by lawyers.
Get a 10% for Both ears by the way.. when Iam also 75-80% hearing both ears, get tossed a pair of hearing aids with a lifetime supply of batterys.
Spend 3 years going thru the hoops of the BVA, finally get the letter with the date of the first C&P, go to the C&P and it takes all but 12 inutes, in and out?
And, get denied on both claims, on pure B* anyway.
ALL, due to the loss by DoD of med/records. NO, I wasnt one of those who had the Great benefit of getting a copy of my Med/records at 'out processing' Europe. GI's like me going on terminal leave then were told we would get our records WHEN DISCHARGED, mailed to me; for me it was 2 monthes later. Since all leaves had been cancelled in my unit for the last 2 years playing Haji's games.

So, you tell me How Long It Should Take.

Get a Lawyer.

C & P

Female Nam Vet My husband is a Veteran's Director and he says 8 to 14 months.

Does that help or hinder?

Semper Fi:

Thank You BAMAPAT,
Been waiting 15 month.

C & P

I filed my initial claim, was told that I was not attacked & beatup by a military male. It is assault, so PTSD, not MST, I have a bad heart valve, diagnosed with a murmur since 1985, but they say no valve problem maybe its murmur?? where is MY proof?? give it to them, they can't find it??/ Well, now working on TMJ & Heart valve case?? I doubt that anything will come of it// Maybe it will be shown as Athlete's foot??. I will Not give up and neither should any other vet, I have waited 16 years to file, thinking I don't need it, others need it more, well MST is no fun, have 2 lost marriages and 5 lost kids, SO DO not give up. My kids mean my Life to me. You CAN do this, the ole saying "hurry up & wait?" it applies; BUt no matter, DON'T Give UP or Give IN. WE Fought for our Country, now WE Fight for US..

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