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CH-53E Super Stallion helicopter

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Looking for Marines,who left El Toro, Calif. for Vietnam on 23 June 1968

Hi my name is Garion L.Hines,I don't remember many names off hand. The ones I do remember Willie B Jenkins, from Houston, Texas,Edward Jones III,from Tulsa, Oklahoma,David Miller,from Huntsville,Alabama,I was from Huntsville Al. too.W.B.Jenkins and I came home on the same flight.We left Vietnam on 16 July 1969.We all loss contact the first day we got to Nam and was assigned to all our units.

PLT 214 1968 MCRD SD photo 45 yrs.ago

To the guys and times that ment tho most to me.

santa in july


Art at Fort Eustis


Picture of me when I was working.


Call me Mike

Fifty States Half Marathon Club Membership - Member Video
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