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CH-53E Super Stallion helicopter

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Osan Korea Spring 1968 Pueblo crisis

Agm 12c "Bullpup" loaded in Korea during Pueblo crisis. 12th Tac Fighter Squadron.

How NOT To Throw A Grenade

Disposable Heroes

Since 2001, the remains of 6,300 troops have passed through Dover Air Base, the main point of entry for US war dead. The Washington Post reports that the US Air Force dumped the cremated, partial remains of at least an additional 274 troops in a landfill, in addition to a group of 1,762 remains they'd reported on earlier. The total troops remains that were dumped in a landfill were 2,036 out of the 6,300 processed through Dover Air Base. In other words, 30% of those troops were Disposable Heroes.

Isn't it about time our society starts to hold people accountable for their actions?

Veteran Tribute movie

Shanghai 2011

Celebration of U.S. Veterans A Nationwide United States Veteran Event

We are 3 Veteran Owned Travel Agencies who have created the Celebration of U.S. Veterans annual cruise event. We have provided 4 different group cruises for Veterans and their families in celebration of our service to our great nation! In addition we are, through this incredible event, raising money for (The charity for the children of our fallen military heroes). For more information please visit http;// If you would like more information from me personally: phil [at] travelo1 [dot] com. God bless you, and God bless the U.S.A!

Communist gun position

Communist gun position in Vientiane on the Mekong in November 1960. This was destroyed by the battle in December by right wing forces and Vientiane taken.

French Boat Club

Picture of the French Boat Club located outside of Vietnam,Laos in 1960.

Communist youth organization

Picture of the Communist youth organization in Vientiane 1960. This is on the River Road.

Communist Gun Boat

This is a picture of the Pathet Lao's gun boat on the Mekong at Vientiane, Laos in Nov. 1960 waiting to repel any attack from Thailand. In December, right wing forces pushed up the Mekong and retook Vientiane after a four day battle.

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