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CH-53E Super Stallion helicopter

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We are building an online community for America's Military Veterans. is a user-driven social network where the content comes from you - the user. So post your favorite memories, pictures, and videos, and share them with your fellow Veterans!

Army Security Agency - Shoulder Patch

Behind the Valor

Support us at We have ignored our service men and women for far too long. Their acts of valor, heroism, and sacrifice should be shown, not hidden in embarrassment. Help us put a face on freedom, lest we forget!

Behind the Valor

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Nam Phong Photos

See my earlier post. Sorry it didn't attach like I wanted, but I am not very good with these new things.

MP Years

"Choice" a short film about a young man enlisting in the wake of 9/11

My name is Michael Chan. I am currently fundraising for a short film I wrote. I am currently in pre-production and is looking to fundraise money in order to make this 30 minute short film out.

You can check out the Kickstarter website, which has information and a video about why these young men and women choose to serve in the military!

Here is the Kickstarter link

AFN Building, Carl Schurz Kaserne, Bremerhaven, Germany


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