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Ohio Vet needs help stolen Jeep and Scooter Lift stolen VA just had Installed feb 2014

First off I thank you all for your services, your all beautiful and appreciated.
I am posting this help to at least share on your Facebook or other means you have, or even Donate if able to.
I am in Cleveland Ohio and trying to help a member in my Facebook group who served in USCG in the 80's
His name is John Halfacre 51 years old and John and his wife Lisa bought a nice used Jeep in August 2013 and just last month February 2014 the veterans administration helped by putting a scooter ramp on the jeep.

Need help finding my Daddy's Military Records. Served in Korat, Thailand during Vietnam War

My father served in the air force during the Vietnam War and has suffered from Agent Orange Diabetes but we need help finding his records. His records show he was in South East Asia but doesn't specify where.

He served on Operation College Eye Task Force which was stationed in Korat, Thailand during Jan-July 1970 (With the 552 AEWNC). He was a flying crew chief.

We need to find a copy of his troup movement orders and pay records.

Can anyone point me in the right direction to find this for him?

Thanks in advance,
Kelly Ives

Veteran Owned Business: Graywolf Survival

Graywolf Survival is at "Graywolf" is an Army Veteran, and I found his website on a list of Best Survival Sites, and from the information found there, I'd agree that Graywolf has a great survival site that is very informative and well written. I asked Graywolf to tell me something about himself, and this is his story:

    Prove I Was on the Grounds in Vietnam

    Need to prove I was on the grounds in Vietnam. Served as crew chief with the 70th Aviation Detachment 68-69. Never received TDA because where the plane went I went. Was on the grounds in Cu Chi and monthly and sometimes twice monthly in Long Than North and Saigon. Submitted this info and my DD214 which contains medals info about Vietnam service. Received personnel records for my unit, and my financial history from DFAs which shows I received HFP.
    Tried to locate members of my unit but they are dead. Any other suggestions?

    PTSD & Transitioning Documentary - Tell Your Story

    Attention fellow veterans and those still serving:

    I am an independent filmmaker who is compiling information for a documentary concerning PTSD and our struggles with life after the military. I would love to hear all of your stories and tribulations involving living with PTSD, the events that could be tied to PTSD, life after the military and the struggles with ‘civilian’ life (if separated).

    vma aw 533

    I am looking to find anyone who remembers the call sign of VMA AW 533 in September 1967. Also looking for anyone who knows where after mission or command chronologies may be found for same unit for Sept.1967. Have tried NARA and records of war.

    Also looking for after mission reports for VMA AM 242 for September 1967.


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