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Navy Expeditionary Medal - Medals of America

The Navy Expeditionary Medal was authorized on August 5, 1936. The medal is awarded to members of the Navy who have engaged in operations against armed opposition in foreign territory or have served in situations warranting special recognition where no other campaign medal was awarded. Many operations have qualified for the award, beginning (retroactively) with operations by Navy and Marine Corps personnel in Honolulu, Hawaii in 1874 and culminating in the operations involving the attack on the USS Cole between 2000 and 2002. For more information on the Navy Expeditionary Medal visit

Wounded in combat

My father right after he was shot

My Father

Ronald L Keller

Custom Military Awards Display Case Builder - Medals of America

Watch, step-by-step, how EASY it is to build your own custom display case to show off your military awards. With our easy to use drag and drop interface you'll have a beautiful display built and ready to preview in no time. See it before you buy it at

Harry L. Hummel

Harry Lynn Hummel served in Battery A, First Battalion, 11th Artillary, Ninth Infantry Division in Vietnam. Harry was killed in action in South Veitnam on June 1, 1968.

Kenneth Wayne Lanter, Army, 1/9th

Kenneth Wayne Lanter, Army, 1/9th

Kenneth Wayne Lanter of Cincinnati, Ohio. 4th Son of Edward L and Irene M. Lanter. Graduate of Central High School, Member of the 1/9th Troop A, 1965-1966. 09-02-1947 to 2-19-1966. Family tribute to our Veterans at

Guadalupe O Fuentez Korean War vet

Guadalupe O Fuentez

Willie Williams Jr

SSG E-6 Willie Williams Jr

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