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Thank You For Serving…

This is Veterans Day and we’d like to thank everyone in uniform (past and present) for defending our country and the Founder’s ideals. Now, if we could just get our elected officials to get off their butts and do the same thing.

Activities are planned around the country and special discounts abound, this should make for plenty of happy people on this Veterans Day.

Enjoy your day, Veterans!

Army Modifies How Retirees’ List Their Retired Status

Army announces major change to retired military customs and courtesies

WASHINGTON — Some customs and courtesies will never change, such as showing respect for the U. S. flag. However, the Army recently modified how retirees’ list their retired status. The Army published the new policy on May 17 in Army Regulation 25-50, Preparing and Managing Correspondence.

AR 25-50 says, “Retired military should follow the same rules as active personnel, except that no organization or branch of the Army will be shown. Show retired status after the grade as follows:

Don't give up the fight.

Chivalry Isn't Dead

I'm a former Army Ranger, out for a few months now. The thing I miss the most about the military, is feeling like I'm making a difference. This desire to keep the fight going is what led me to start a business with my brother. Our company is an athletic/leisure apparel company called Chivalry Contego LLC. Contego is Latin for "to clothe" and "to protect". We aim to do this with not only our products, but with donations we will make to various charities on every sale as well.

Helping disabled vets get outdoors

I'm a disabled vet living in Alaska. I'm fortunate enough to be able to get around most of the time. I guide in Alaska and want to help those vets not as lucky as me. I want to provide free fishing outings for them. If I can get up and running I can keep this going for as long as I guide. I need some assistance getting started. Please check out this link and share with everyone you know. I have posted adsvon Craigs List and already have over 40 disabled vets wanting to participate. Hope you will help make this a reality for these vets and me. Thank You!

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