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Udorn RTAFB Thailand - (L) Pic of me at barracks Apr 69; (R) Pic of me at entrance just outside Officers Quarters

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CH-53E Super Stallion helicopter

CH-53E Super Stallion helicopter

Speak softly and carry a big stick

Korat AFB

The 553rd Reconnaissance Wing, Batcat Veterans Benefit page, at is a good resource for those Veterans searching for information about Korat AFB. This may be specially beneficial to those trying to submit disability claims with the VA relating to Agent Orange and herbicides used at Korat AFB in Thailand.

The 553rd Reconnaissance Wing, Batcat Veterans Benefit website is owned and operated by Larry Westin.

There is a lot of information there, but I want to highlight three specific documents created by Larry Westin that deal with the configuration of Korat AFB and the buildings with photo's and diagrams:

A Map of Korat AFB:

Photos of Korat AFB:

An older document that has maps and photos:

I'd like to thank Larry for allowing us to post this information and commend him for his hard work supporting his brothers in arms.

WWII service medal question

I've attached a picture of a row of WWII ribbons from my father. I haven't been able to find out what the ribbon on the right means. Any help? I surfed the internet for hours and no luck. The left one is Air medal, the middle is Army good conduct. He was B17 gunner, flew out of England. He was also in Korea War, stationed in Alaska.

WWII ribbons

Moving from Pa to Tx

I am moving to South East Texas Beaumont area. I am in need of help finding a apartment and a good area to move. If a brother or sister could help i would appreciate it.


Looking for my dad!

I am looking for my dad, whom I have never met. My mom is Hong Thi Nguyen born in 1937, met my dad when she was working for the army in Long Binh. Her main job is cleaning and cooking for the army. My dad, a white man who also cooked in the same place as my mom. I know his unit is 303 radio station. Later, he was transfered to Cu Chi and into the battle field. In 1970 he was transfered back to Long Binh, then to the United States in that same year. I was born seven months after he left. My mom did not know she was pregnant when my dad left.

Black Veterans USA Photos of Black Combat Vietnam Veterans

B. Co. 2nd Bn 2nd Inf 1st Inf Division

Remember ?

Black Veterans USA Photos of Black Combat Vietnam Veterans

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