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Thunderbirds perform Crossover Break Hit maneuver

F/A-18C Hornet launches from the USS George H.W. Bush

Alaska National Guard Conduct Hoist Training

Obama's Strategy

News Brief for 9 September 2014


Prince Harry welcomes the Team Captains of the 13 nations taking part in the Invictus Games to London. News Brief

American wounded warriors compete in London's "Invictus Games" >> CBS News
Ninety-eight Americans are among the wounded warriors in London gearing up for the "Invictus Games." Athletes from 13 nations will compete in events ranging from basketball to cycling, swimming and archery, reports CBS News correspondent Jan Crawford.

Wisconsin vets find healing, camaraderie in Northwoods camp >> The Journal Sentinel
It's not a hospital or clinic, but a lot of healing is done here. Perched between two lakes in northern Wisconsin, bucolic Camp American Legion opened in 1925 as a respite for wounded and disabled World War I soldiers. Nine decades later, it is serving more people every year as a haven for veterans needing rest and recovery - including those battling invisible wounds.

After 23 moves, Navy wife awaits retirement >> Navy Times
There was the time in Japan when Sally Carpenter got the chicken pox so bad she had to be hospitalized. New to the country and knowing no one, she relied on other military wives to care for her children because her husband, Steve, was deployed.

44 States Now Offer Military Spouse License Help >> Spouse Buzz
If you’re a military spouse who holds a professional license, military moves are only getting easier. That’s because 44 states now offer some kind of professional licensing help, while 11 have joined the Military Spouse JD Network’s (MSJDN) licensing policy push military spouse attorneys.

TDY "Young Tiger" U-Tapao, Thailand '72'

Crew Chief KC-135A out of Carswell AFB, Texas, TDY to U-Tapao in 1972 for 95 days. Slept in the hooch just off the flightline "Charlie Row", 12 on and 12 off. Flew 3 Combat missions (with Combat pay) over Vietnam refueling RB-57, RB-66, and F-4 A/C. Because I was TDY, my official Military records do not reveal this ever happening, or any other TDY's I was involved with. Nor does my DD-214 reflect any thing associated with my duties in and around Southeast Asia. I am proud that I served during that time and any support I gave to our troops that were on the ground in Vietnam.

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