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CH-53E Super Stallion helicopter

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B-52 Nam Phong Thailand

Emergency landed with SAM damage at Nam Phong, Thailand during Operation Linebacker 2, December 1972. Call sign Peach. Interservice rivalry caused the Marines to stencil Marine images on the aircraft

B-52 takeoff and headed North from U-Tapao, Thailand

I would not want to be on the receiving end

VMFA-232 "Red Devil" F4J Phantom

Refueling during a mission over Southeast Asia 1972

A6A Intruder

"Armed and Dangerous" Getting ready for a mission over Vietnam from Nam Phong Thailand, 1972

Halloween '07 w/ a buddy

In the NAS Fallon E-Club with a buddy on Halloween '07.

Next to NSAWC Hornet

Standing next to newly painted NSAWC (Top Gun) F/A-18 Hornet. They did a great job on the painting - unfortunately they also discovered a crack in the center barrel section so the jet never flew again!!

Marine Corps dayz!

Brand spanking new Corporal!!

7th Motors

Near one of the "new" 5ton trucks, about '87 or '88.

Taken in Atsugi, Japan

Taken in Atsugi, Japan during my time in VFA-192.

Stacey with one of her favorite veterans

This photo of me and my "boyfriend", Fisher, who is a three-war veteran, was taken following the local Veterans Day parade on Saturday.

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