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164th Infantry Regimental Crest

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Battle Cross Memorial construction

Const.of Battle Cross Momunment and Memorial @ the AMVETS Memorial Park in Maysville, KY

from North Dakota Farmer to the 164th Infantry on Guadalcanal

My father was August Christman from Gilstrap Township, Adams County, North Dakota. I doubt if there are very many old timers even alive yet who might have fought with him. If anyone has any stories to pass on, we would love to hear from you. I believe he was in Company C of the 164th Infantry Regiment.


What costs three times as much as WWII ?

Question: What costs three times as much as WWII ?
Answer: The current banking & wall street bailouts with our tax dollars!

"And the U.S. is mobilizing as if it had been attacked by Martians. On the credit side, the feds have cut rates more than ever before, for a monetary boost equivalent to 18% of GDP, according to Grant. As to spending, $13 trillion has been amount equivalent to a full year’s annual output of the United States of America. This response is 3 times more (adjusted to today’s dollars) than the U.S. spent to fight WWII. It is 12 times more (relative to GDP) than the total committed to fight the Great Depression." - Bill Bonner, The Daily Reckoning. May 1, 2009

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