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Udorn RTAFB Thailand - (L) Pic of me at barracks Apr 69; (R) Pic of me at entrance just outside Officers Quarters

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SR-71 Blackbird

Video Tribute to the SR-71 Blackbird

Going Commando!

Cartoon by JamesTheCarpenter

me - 2006

F-14 Tomcat

Video Farewell to the F-14 Tomcat

V22 Osprey Test Flight

Video of a V22 Osprey test flight that went horribly wrong.

My Blood Drive Award

I was tasked with the blood drive and managed to get enough voluteers to win the award for the squadron.


Jim Bogart, Mukden Survivor and Bataan Death March, visits the Jonathan M Wainwright Memorial in Walla Walla WA.

Operation Santa Stockings

SR-71 Blackbird, Udorn Thailand early 1973

Udon Thani (The Thai name) was not a Blackbird base. It was used as an emergency landing site though.

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