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Udorn RTAFB Thailand - (L) Pic of me at barracks Apr 69; (R) Pic of me at entrance just outside Officers Quarters

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Korat RTAFB Thailand 1964-1965

I was at Korat during early years of Vietnam war with a F105 unit TDY from Kadena AFB Okinawa. There was no plant growth any where on base. We lived in open huts very close to perimeter fence. I am looking for a "buddy" (any body) that could help to confirm the conditions. I am diagnosed with prostrate cancer, diabetes II, and various heart diseases. Don't know if they used agent orange or not for sure but the airbase was BALD enough to convince me that somethine very strong was used.

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Affordable Health Care Act (Obamacare)

The Affordable Health Care Act (Obamacare) kicks in on 1 Jan 2014 and VA Health Care is acceptable as current insurance.

Most Honorably Discharged Veterans should qualify for VA Health Care with or without a Disability. For more info on Eligibility see

Enroll at any V.A. facility or download form 1010-EZ to complete and take to your nearest V.A Clinic or Hospital to get your V.A. Health Card and be assigned a primary Health Care Doctor. You will need your original or certified copy of your DD-214 with you and an I.D.

Download 1010-EZ:

VA Obamacare info:

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Nation's Oldest Medal Of Honor Hero Dies In Hospital With Dozens Of Veterans At His Side

Nicholas Oresko of Cresskill, the nation’s oldest Medal of Honor recipient, died Friday evening, surrounded by veterans and military personnel who had gathered there all week after hearing on social media that he was in the hospital with a broken leg.

Oresko, 96, was a U.S. Army master sergeant during World War II when, although badly wounded, he wiped out two enemy bunkers near Tettingen, Germany, during the Battle of the Bulge.

Black Hawk Down

October, 3, 2013 is the sad 20th anniversary of the deaths of Master Sergeant Gary Ivan Gordon (August 30, 1960 – October 3, 1993) and Sergeant First Class Randall David Shughart (August 13, 1958–October 3, 1993) in Mogadishu, Somalia. This pair of Delta Force snipers were both posthumous recipients of the Medal of Honor. They heroically asked to be inserted to rescue Warrant Officer Michael Durant, knowing well that their chances of survival were incredibly slim. Together, they accounted for at least 25 Somali KIAs before they died.

CSU-Global Campus Launches New Initiative for Military Students

In an effort to best support military students seeking to complete their degree, Colorado State University-Global Campus recently launched Operation EDU. This new initiative features services, resources and a new scholarship program exclusively designed to help active duty service members, veterans and their families successfully finish their college degree online. The Operation EDU scholarship program will award ten $1,000 scholarships to new applicants with a military affiliation.

More information is available at

Rebecca (CSU-Global)

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Herbicides Korat Thailand 1967

I need to locate anyone stationed on Camp Friendship Army Base 1967. I was there assigned to the 379th Signal Battalion

Agent Orange and herbicides used at Takhli AFB Thailand

I'm looking for info about any herbicide use at Takhli at any time but especially 1973 74

I am also looking for info about what MOS qualifies for herbicide exposure especially 431x1C

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