Looking for Army Buddies that were stationed at Tompkins Barracks during the years 1974-1977.

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I was stationed at Tompkins Barracks fm 74-76. I worked at the gym and lived in the HQ USAEUR barracks..first one on the right when u came in the from gate...

I was stationed in Schwetzingen and lived in Tompkins and worked at Kilbourn K. from Nov. 1971 until around late 1974.

Hi Joe it has been a long time !!!! I still have the picture Beach, Pete Ball, and you and a shelving unit that you all had made. I remember that you worked with Dave Stone. Funny how you can remember those guys 40 years later. Are you and Sandy still together? I went home and married Sue and had two kids and now have 1 grandson. I still every once in a while look at the group photo we had taken in the CCC. I did run into Sgt Nelson at the Social Security complex but that was many years ago. I never thought I would ever find any of you guys. Let me know how you have been and what you have been up to?

Hello Tom, well it took me less than 2 years to answer so that is good for me. I am friends with Beach and Randy and others on facebook. I too still have that picture taken a CCC, I was pissed at the time it was taken but what wonderful memories it has now. Sandy and I divorced I do not remember how long ago. I remarried and also had 2 kids and now have 2 grand kids. That is really all I use facebook for is to see all us old folks grand kids. please join us on facebook and I will check back here more often.

Noticed that most of the bases I used to be stationed or worked in have closed. Hopefully Tompkins has closed yet. Would love to travel there and see it once more. Didn't care too much for the guard duty around the buildings in the back though.

I was stationed at Tompkins from July 77 - 80 with 541st Engr Co (FB)(MAB).


I was there from 79 to 82 2nd platoon was crew chief of FB 222

I was there 75-78. Machine shop, Pat Laughon, Do you remember me?

First this tour at Tompkins (1975-77)was my third time there. I was drafted in 1966 and sent to Tompkins, then 656th Engr Bn (TOPO),in Nov, left in May 1968. I was assigned to B Co (map reproduction, since I had swept a newspaper foor while I was in HS the Army determined I was a qualified printer).
I went back to Tompkins in Jan 1973 on a REFORGER deployment from Ft. Hood TX and spent several weeks there.
In Oct 1975 I was sent again to Tompkins - now the 649th Engr Bn (TOPO) - where I served initially as Plt Sgt of the Mobil Repro Plt and later with the Bn S-3 operations.
While there the last time I met and married a soldier from MILPERCEN.
I would like to share memories of this time if you care to.

i was at Tompkins in late 71 till early 72 when I was re-assigned to Nam. Am trying to find Tompkins on Google but don't have an address....any help?

Search Google Maps for 49.403113,8.566006

Tompkins Barracks is/was West of Heidelberg, and directly North of the Schwetzingen Schloss. I don't know if it's still open or not. also tryng to remember the unit....535th Engineers(light equipment)?

The barracks I was in was , once thru the gate to the quadrangle, all the way at the end on the other side, over by the bowling alley.....I drove a Jeep for Platoon Sargeant Todd.....4th Platoon I think....drain bamage.....was there to go to Vilseck for TDY....building tank trails....someone else did the work, I drove the Jeep, 40 MPH from Tompkins to Vilseck and all over there.....146 miles according to Yahoo mapsremember Dennis Sneed, Craig Hensel(oh how he moaned when I told him I had less time left than he did)....

I was in the Same Barracks, 54ist Eng Bn. The bowling alley was the hang out along with the club across the street

I was in the 535th Eng Co from the first part of 1970 to 1972.
Group photo of the 535th that were send to me 1963,1966,1969 and the one i got on line for 1970.
The 535th move from Tompkins Barracks in 1975 to Graf.
My E-mail or .
I Do have a lot of links of Tompkins Barracks and there a map of Tompkins that got number on it for the building.

Did you know Rick Fannin, John Murphy or SSG George?

Bro Wat (Marshall Watkins), I hope this is you. We served together at OPD from 77-78. Would love to hear from you. I am now retired from the Washington Army National Guard as an LTC and am very happily married (got married in 1987). We live in Lacey, WA and have relatives in Las Angeles, CA. We are planning to move to Vegas in 3 years. Please contact me at Saw your postings in several websites. Hope everything is alright for you, my friend.

Dave and Maria

looking for anyone from this time, I ran FB 222

We were there at the same time. OD was a good friend, polking was my sec sergeant

The guy who was machinist before me in 75/76 named our portable machine shop (5 ton with 30 ton trailer) Chitown hustler. 541st Engr Co. Coincidence?

I remember the guy that named that portable machine shop, ski we called him, mostly... ha he was a polish guy, real good guy Warolinsky or something like that, probably not real close on that name, just a phonetic spelling... I was one of the dozer operators, I was in 541st 75 to 77. I think I remember you, but ya know, its been a while!

looking for friends that was in Germany with me 80 to 82

I was at Tompkins from 80 to 82

They called me streetwalker/ 73-75 Man what a ride it was! Eng


I remember you! Weren't you in Sgt hubbards platoon? I was in sgt hills. Agt stewart too.

Hey Streetwalker! (Donovan) Brad Workman...Leave an email address if you see this...Are you still in Utah?

I remember the names you guys are tossing around, I was one of the dozer guys back then, I was there from 75 to 77. Was attached to the shop crew mostly. Hope you guys are doing good. Your names sound familiar, but I mostly knew the shop people. Anyways, all the best to you. You can reach me at if ya like.

Was stationed there 77-79 541 engineers. Went by Woody

Streetwalker! I still have your Army Name tag!

Also, STP...Short Timers Party Card!


to all 541st personal new facebook page go to 549th eng need members thanks

I am wanting to reconnect with buddies who were in the 649th Engineer Battalion from 1975 - 1978 in Schwetzingen, Germany.

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