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New York
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Air Force
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My Military Career Field
Power Production Specialist, civil engineers
My Keywords
Basic training, Lackland AFB Sept 1966; tech school, Sheppard AFB Nov 1966-Mar 1967; Niagara Falls International Airport Apr 1967-Oct 1968; Don Maung RTAFB Dec 1968-Dec 1969; Malmstrom AFB, Great Falls, Mt. Jan 1970-Sept 1970;, discharge Sept1970
About Me

led a rather normal life after discharge, school, work, marriage, kids divorce,went through this cycle a couple of times then at 56 I discovered I had diabetes and that changed my life, I think I started to get in touch with mortality, I exercise eat better and manage my diabetes and joined VVA chapter 32, Queens, NY

Words of Wisdom

Work hard at manageing your health and if you have diabetes work hard to control it, don't let it control you.


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