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Rhonda Sullivan
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Udorn, Herbicide Exposure, aircraft maintenance, aircraft mechanic, Udorn 1968, Udorn 1969, Udorn 1970, Udorn 1971, Udorn 1972, Udorn 1973, Udorn 1974. Udorn flight line, Udorn perimeter area, buddy letters
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I am the wife of an Air Force veteran attempting to assist my husband ( David Sullivan) in providing additional info to the VA regarding his claim for Herbicie Exposure. The Va is now asking that he provide a statement justifying his work duties as an aircraft mechanic working on planes on the flight line and how it caused possible exposure to herbicides. I know he served several tours at Udorn and Tapao bases in Thailand from 1968 through 1973. His annual evaluation reports indicate certain aspects of his duty which were performed upon the aircraft launching and landing. Logically I feel this would have been done out on the flight line which was located on the perimeter of the base. We are seeking the assistance of someone who can provide a notarized statement ( buddy letter) that would be helpful in this matter. I noticed that there are a few messages from vets that were at Udorn in need of similar buddy letters. We would gladly assist if we can. Thank You, Rhonda Sullivan

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