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New York
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Air Force
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Personnel, Payroll, Analyst
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NKP, Yokota, Lowry, Nakhon Phanom
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Retired, 45 years computer operations (OJT in USAF on NCR 390) and software, system design, application and system development, manager of teams. Worked at O-Cel-O Sponge 13 years, Millard Fillmore Hospital(s), HMO's for 15 years, and my greatest achievement was standing there when at TYMSHARE/TYMNET in the 1970's as we developed ALL the parts and pieces of the INTERNET. algore was NOT THERE. Someone came along in maybe 1982 and invented the WWW to make our "private - sellable" network into a "public" network . . .

Words of Wisdom

Always VOLUNTEER - that way, I won't be picked to do YOUR job. . .


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